Monday, August 25, 2008


My social life is blooming recently and I feel happy for it. I like those feelings when meeting new friends, it's seen like charging the power in my life. I quite enjoying those moments with my friends although I just met them or I already knew them long time ago. No matter it is just a dinner, tea break or a badminton match, it is just great for me.
But sometimes we really shouldn't put too much expectation in the friendship with others. For doing so, it will add extra pressure to the person or the friendship. Those person involved will feel like burden by those expectation and can't act naturally when facing you. So how it gonna to be a great gathering or dating? Should we just let it go without doing anything? I am not sure about it. I just know no one really wish to make any relationships falling apart.
In this inhospitality world, there are many kind of different people with many kind of expectations on others. So should we just reduce some of the expectations and bring more pleasantly surprise into our life? Shall we?

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