Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Lovely Course Mates

07 August is my convocation day. It is the only convocation session (my session!) which raining if compare to others sessions. Most of the peoples really piss off by the nonstop raining outside the hall while we all inside receiving our scroll. All the friends and family already get wet because standing in the rain for waiting us come out.
So actually we all don't take many pictures when we came out. Why? It because we already so wet due to the raining. Besides, those pictures taken that time also didn't come out great because the environment very moist and dark. Thus, a lot of people ask me am I regret because don't take much pictures although in such conditions?

My answer is NO! I never think that I will take many pictures with friends when we came out. But I hope I can take some with my course mates. So few days after my convocation, my course mates and I went back UM to take more pictures. Here is the group photo for those attending this "private" photo session. Haha~
(Chee Siong, Chee Yee, Fech Scen, Me, Chin Chong, Ti Hin and Yen Sian)

This is the flower + bear from my dear sister. Lovely flowers~
But my course mate's flower looks even greater than mine although it don't have the bear. It actually a combination from 4 different kinds of flowers. Here is the picture of the flower.
These are the two cute and pretty girls from our physics department. Are they pretty, right? hehe~
Here is the photo of Chee Yee. She is concentrating on her camera while I snapped her photo without her notice. I love this photo much, I think I did a great job on this photo but sure it can be improve.
More photo to come after I arrange all the photos from my convocation. To be continue...

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