Sunday, August 10, 2008


Badminton? If my memories serve correctly, last time I play badminton is the time I'm still in primary school. Haha~ I went back my old school plays badminton yesterday. I totally forgot how to play badminton. hehe~ So I bring my baby there to shoot some photo.
Some of them got play badminton every Saturday so their skills already very good~
These two members are also great when they team up~ It is nice when I shooting them too.
These two already expert in their skills!
When they all tired already, is my turn to show off my lousy badminton skills. hehe~ But I don't play much cause I don't have stamina to run so frequently. Lousy me~
After we finished playing badminton, we went outside to the school lobby to have a rest before leaving. Let me introduce our playmate...
Raymond, playing at the court beside ours.
Dear Ah Boon
Myself, with the tired and sweaty look.
Frankie seen like want eat me while I shoot him.
New Friend in town too. Don't know her name because Frankie don't introduce to me.

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