Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today is my convocation at University of Malaya. But today weather not very good for convocation. What the heck! Raining whole day! Already get myself wet before I enter into the hall. Consequence is can't take much picture because I don't wan cause my SLR get wet and all my friends and course mate already became wet. Damn raining!
However, I still got some presents from my friends. Thank you you all!

After my convocation, I will start a new chapter of my life. Life full of busyness, hopefully I can hold on with those busy working life. Ohya, still got a lot of money need to pay back to the government (PTPTN). Haha~ need to work hard earning money.
I found some funny cartoon for graduate student on the net. These two are the best among those others, haha~

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GiGi said...

haha my dear partner, glad tat my little pink pig appears on d right lower corner of the pic!!hehe =)
like the pic where there was a big metal ball named debt on the convo hat...that is the consequence of borrowing PTPTN!! haha...