Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm back from offshore...

At last, I'm back from offshore last Friday.... Feel tired and miss my bed. hehe~ I found that I didn't update my blog long time already so I wrote this post. (My stupid streamyx very slow, seen like got problems already. Have to make complaint to TM tomorrow morning.)

Ok, back to my post... I am working at middle of the ocean and approximately 2hours plus boat ride to get there. My working place for this time is called "West Berani" and "Helang Phase Two". The West Berani looks like the pictures below.
Day Time

Night Time

One of my Phillipine's wellsite geologist took this with his Nikon D80. That night is full moon.

Working at there is an exciting experience for me since I won't be found that kind of job on land. I am working with peoples from almost 10 countries. We speak English or Malay over there. Most of the guy over there are very nice and friendly. My seniors treat me very well and teach me a lot of stuff, thanks man. They are very kind!

My shift is 12 hours shift per day, most of the time I took the shift from 6pm to 6am because I want to work at night. So actually I start working when sunset and going back my living quarter on sunrise. Here got 8 meals per day because our operations are running 24/7 so we will go to eat something at the midnight.

The galley open hours like below:
3.00-3.15am tea break
5.00-7.00am breakfast
9.00-9.15am tea break
11.00-1.00pm lunch
3.00-3.15pm tea break
5.00-7.00pm dinner
9.00-9.15pm tea break
11.00-1.00am supper

Not much entertainments over there but we can still watch TV, surfing Internet and making phone calls. Besides that, we can watch dolphin jumping around at the ocean and some birds flying around the rig. And the most entertaining activity is watching sunset and sunrise. The sunset and the sunrise are very beautiful. I never see such beautiful scenes in my life, it is really breathtaking.

Here are some photos taken by my new friend met at there. He is using Nikon D80 now. Hehe.

This is the photos I like the most, thanks Eric for taking such a good photos.

So I end this post at here and wish I can successfully post all the postpone posts after this. hehe~

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