Monday, November 3, 2008

Tony Roma's

This is one of the postpone post I not yet finish it last time. Angeline and I went to Tony Roma's at Mid Valley to have a nice lunch. First impression for me is the restaurant very similar to TGI Fridays and Chili. After I sit down and open the menu, I found that the menu is also not much different with other two restaurants. So I just simply ordered some dishes to eat...

First, we ordered an appetizer which is called kick shrimp. Quite delicious appetizer and I love it so much. Actually it is a shrimp cooked with some sauce but I not sure what kind of sauce is it. very yummy and it's really appetizing.
As usual, I ordered coffee ( Hot Latte ) and Angeline ordered Ice Lemon Tea. The drinks are not so special comparing with others so not much I can say about it. hehe~
Ya, main dishes are served after that. Chicken Swiss Sandwich and Marinated Chicken with Rice and Broccoli.
The Chicken Swiss Sandwich was very delicious and I like the way they cooked it. The french fries was also great since it not normal french fries but are slices of potatoes. Served with the cheese sauce is a great delicious combination. The taste of the sandwich is in the way I like and not too over. Overall, it is a great dish.
The Marinated Chicken with rice and broccoli is average dish. The marinated chicken is just ok, not so dry but still juicy inside. The rice actually very nice, it got heavy aroma of the spices mixing inside the rice.

The atmosphere was kinda soft and relaxing, the foods are great. I will prefer Tony Roma's than TGI fridays for next time. Hehe~ All the photos are taken by Angeline's Canon DIGITAL IXUS 80 IS. Thanks for the nice photos. Another Canon supporter, hehe~

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