Monday, November 10, 2008


Jogoya, a restaurant famous with its Japanese buffet near the center of the town. Actually it is located at Starhill gallery near Jalan Bukit Bintang. I went there that day to enjoy nice japanese buffet in town. On the way walking inside the restaurant, those staffs are giving us nice and warm welcome greeting.

After we sit down, we start to grab some foods from the counter. There are a lot of counters preparing different kind of foods. Some of the counter looks like the picture below.
IMG_1744 copy
After we grabbed some foods, sure we start to take some photos for our delicious foods. Hehe~
IMG_1703 copy
Delicious Scallop served with black pepper sauces.

IMG_1693 copy
Due to it is buffet style so we can just grab anything from the counter. Besides, we also can bring the little tag and put at the counter so that those staff will send our food directly to our table. Hehe~
IMG_2404 copy
Shrimps with broccoli.

IMG_1747 copy
Another plate full of delicious food. Hehe~

IMG_2397 copy
There are oyster serving at Jogoya too. Don't worry it is fresh. Haha~

IMG_1721 copy
Red Wine is serving at there too~

IMG_1741 copy
Who is accompany me to there? Hehe... Angeline again~

IMG_1729 copy
My own picture at Jogoya~ Haha~

Overall, it is just a restaurant serving average Japanese buffet. For me, it is not much special than other Japanese restaurant but it is still a nice restaurant to dine at there..

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