Thursday, November 6, 2008

No Black Tie~

No Black Tie is one of the nice places I wish to hang out over there as I mentioned in previous post long time ago. That place is full of nice and soft environment plus fair-sounding music performances. Overall it is just one of my favorite places I wish to stop by.

My wish come true and I went to No Black Tie with two of my friends. No Black Tie is conducting a Bossa Nova Workshop at that night. Thus, we were enjoying the lovely bossa nova performances at that night.
This is the bar area near the main entrance and the wall is hanging a lot of black & white and sepia photos. Those photos under the warming spotlight make me comfortable with this place.
After that, we enter to a small performance room behind the bar area. There are not much people at that night. Just a few "kaki" sitting on the chair wait for the performance starts.
Meanwhile I took some shots with my Canon EOS 45oD and the most photo I like is this photo at above. "Reserved..."
We ordered some foods and drinks then waiting for the preparation to start the Bossa Nova Night. Their foods and drinks are just ok but the feel inside No Black Tie is much attractive than those meals.
Introducing No Black Tie to all the Jazz lovers.
She is really a sweet girl. Should I ask her permission to put her photos on my blog? Hehe~
Kenneth, a nice and kind gentleman. Thanks for the ride to No Black Tie too.
This last photo is taken by Kenneth with his Sony A200 DSLR. I like the colour of the photo compare with mine. Hehe~ Next time we should go out take more photos together. Shall we?

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