Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today is my last day at Miri town. I will going back to the rig early morning tomorrow. Maybe just a few days on the rig then will come back town again. But won't be so easy for that time since the company's instructor is back to Miri on that period...

Thus, I need to enter his class and being scold by him (it already become a normal issue for all the crew because this is his way to teach people). Actually I thought I can leave behind all the exams after I graduated but seen like god still not allow me to do so. Sigh~ What a life here.

When I chat with my friend on that day, my friend said me having 职业厌倦症. I also don't know what to call this in English. In short, it is mean you will feel boring with your job. Should I say boring instead of dislike? I also don't know I really have this problem or not. But what I know is I am 100% confirm no one will understand what I'm facing in my work. My family won't understand, my friends also won't understand because they never been into my working life.

Bla bla bla... What to do now since I already choose my career as this job. Just wait another good chance before "something" can happen. Sigh~ Waiting again.... So back to my post again...


This is my naive look when Angeline and I having lunch at Mid Valley's McD. This shot using the 50mm f/1.8 Prime Lens. Hehe~


This is the Angeline's naive look. Two big round eye and stare at me. And another photo is when she eating her burger. Maybe I can sell this photo to McD for next advertisement. Haha~ Sometimes we hope that we can still be like a kid. No need worry much in all the things but at last we still need to grow up to facing this kind of reality, right? This is called life. Sigh~


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