Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Light and Water

Another post for my photography skills… This time I shot some photos relating to the light source. Seen like my blog’s posts are all regarding to the photos I took. Haha~ Not much review about food recently… This is the light bulb I shot when I went to McD at Mid Valley. The light suppose is orange and yellowish but I don’t know why came out with a green colour light.


Bokeh, bokeh bokeh~ What is bokeh actually? Although I don’t know what is bokeh but I love to shoot bokeh too~ This is the bokeh I shot when I passed by one of the pathway at Mid Valley~


Another bokeh shot… Light in the round shape~ If there is more colourful lights, I think it will more beautiful. Haha~


I try to shoot the water drop on the water but after I tried so many times, this is the best photo I can get. But it is still little bit out of focus… Will try it again next time cause after those shots, my room’s floor already full of water. Hehe~


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