Thursday, April 9, 2009



Do you recognise where is the place inside the photo above? Ya, I went to Italiannies almost three months ago and these are the photos I took at that time. Sorry for so much delayed with the post cause quite busy with my work recently. I love the photo on above very much~ I like the feel on that photo. How about you?

I went to Italiannies for lunch with Angeline. Do you notice that there is a bear on the right hand side of Angeline. That is Angeline’s bear bought at Ikea long time ago. Haha~ She bring her bear to any places all the time. Hehe~


The staff’s service is much better at Italiannies if compare to the Michelangelo's . The staff served us some bread with olive oil and vinegar when we just seated. Then, we ordered the spaghetti which we can choose four types of flavour in one set.


Then we ordered a big pizza too. I forgot what was the name of that pizza but it is quite nice though. The pizza quite huge for two person dining… At last, we can’t finish the pizza so I had to take away and took it back home as my dinner. Haha~


For those people like dessert very much, you can try the dessert over here since it is quite a big share. Again, I forgot what is this dessert called already. But actually it is combination of cake and ice cream served with hot chocolate. Angeline love this dessert but I think it is too sweet for me. Maybe guys don’t like those food too sweet, right? I also not sure about it. Hehe~


The overall surrounding is quite good. The space and atmosphere is suitable for group gathering and dating. The foods are not very special, just a average food but in a quite big share. Overall, I will say it as definitely I will return here because of the atmosphere but not the food. Haha~ In short, I will recommend this restaurant if you want to have some group gathering.


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