Friday, April 17, 2009


Cats~ I love cat actually but I don’t know why I love them. Wahaha~ If not my nose problem, I think I already bring some cats to home. But my house became warmer recently because of the two visitors staying at my house. They are two cats which is called Lulu and Huhu. Two naughty little kitty. Due to they are staying here for quite some time, so I help them took some photograph. Hehe~ This is Huhu~


This is another kitty called Lulu… She is a naughty kitty though.


They like to run around so I let them out of the cage most of the time. But sometimes they like to run away from my house so we have to keep an eyes on these naughty kitty. Cute~ I start to miss them already. Wuwuwu~ Will update more if I got chance...

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