Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is that?

I found that I didn't update my blog for long time. After I back from my work, I'm quite tired so I didn't write any new post. Moreover I addicted to a Facebook application called "Farm Town". Nice application just like smaller version of online game. Quite nice though. All my friends are playing this so how can I miss it out? Haha~

Since I don't have mood to finish all my unfinished posts in the draft folder, I start a new post instead. I bought a gadget for me again last month. I found that I spent a lot of money recently. Wau, those money can let me travel to Paris for two weeks already. Wahaha~ But what to do? I still love my home and Malaysia, that's why I "update" my room and my pockets. Haha~ Paris, you have to wait for awhile.


What is that? It is a monitor screen. Samsung? LG? HP? Can you all guess it? Haha~


Ya, it is definitely SAMSUNG! Be hold with the full review of it~ I will stop here... Go out for my tea time~ I will try my best to finish all the remaining posts soon~

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