Friday, May 29, 2009

Broga Hill - Part 1


Around early of April, I went to broga hill with some of my friends. Because of we wish to take photos of the dawn, we have to wake up early to go there. But we all went out at the night before so actually we don't have enough sleep. After 1 or 2 hours nap, we prepare ourselves to go there. The photo above is the dawn I took at the top of that hill. It is not that easy to walk up to the top, maybe just for me. Hehe...


I took this photo from the second hill top. There are three hill tops at the broga hill. I climbed up to the second top and stopped there. My friends walked further to the last hill top at the far back and I keep taking photos at the second hill top. From the photo, you can see the first hill top and the surrounding view.


I love the feeling on the top... Still feel chilling although we just had a long walk to the top. I love the cloud too.


This is my friend Kenneth. When he removing his torchlight, I took this photo of him with the built in flash and this is the result of it. I quite like this shot.... He brought his SONY Alpha to there also, I'm surprising since he seldom bring it out.


This is me~ i carrying my baby while climbing up to the hill. Lousy me always no so balance while keep walking, haha~


This is my another friend Lih How and me. I holding Kenneth's alpha while my canon is on his hand. We exchange our baby to test out the camera. This photo is taken by Kenneth also. Lih How seen like not in the mood at the back. Thinking something maybe?


Due to the environment still very dim, I use higher ISO to take this photo but the noise is coming up due to that. This is Lih How at the Broga hill~ The photo below is my result when the sun moving up slowly, Good Morning everyone~


To be continue...

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