Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hand so pain and Streamyx so fast

Just found that I didn't update my blog for almost a month, I feel kinda lazy to update it recently, don't know why... Back to the post, my left hand got injured few days back. Pain and pain.. Have to go to visit doctor(铁打医生) let him check my wrist still intact or not. Luckily he said it is not a big deal but have to bind up my wrist and have some pills. Side effect of this incident? Ya, my wrist not that smooth compare to previously and still felt pain if I stretching my hand.
Do you all notice there is a promotion from streamyx recently? Pay extra RM5 for upgrading your current streamyx speed to next speed level, moreover it is FREE for first 4 months. Like all others, there still have terms and conditions for this. So do check it out by yourself at streamyx website. I upgraded mine from 512Kbps to 1Mbps just from RM90 to RM95 per month. I'm enjoying my internet speed now although streamyx not the best option out there but I think it is better than some other wireless packages, right? I think that is the update for now, enjoy your day. See ya~

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