Monday, December 21, 2009

Ole Ole Bali @ SOHO KL

I wish to go Ole Ole Bali long time ago but always can't get it done. But my wish came true this time. Angeline and I went to Ole Ole Bali located at SOHO KL last Saturday. We celebrate our Christmas night in advanced since I not sure when I will be leaving for work. Although Ole Ole Bali don't have any Christmas atmosphere but it is ok for both of us.
Ole Ole Bali (4)
Ole Ole Bali (6)
I ordered Ole Ole Trio and Sunshine Beer for myself. The Ole Ole Trio is huge! The potions are too big for a person to finish it but I love it~ Sunshine beer is mixing between beer, orange juice and mint if not mistaken, the taste is new for me but still acceptable.
Ole Ole Bali (3)
Ole Ole Bali (2)
Angeline ordered Pasta served with Grilled Prawn, Fish and Squid while Virgin Lime Margarita as her drink. I tried the taste of the margarita. Damn nice, love the taste especially the saltiness... Wahaha~
Ole Ole Bali (5)
Angeline help me took a photo after the meal and this is it. Big eye pack under my eyes... Getting darker and darker... Another photo of Angeline.... Thanks for celebrating Christmas with me.
Ole Ole Bali

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