Sunday, July 26, 2009

Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel + LCCT Taxi

Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel

Just back from Singapore yesterday night. In last week, I'm tired and tension with the training carry on. Luckily it is finish now. Hopefully don't send me to Miri again for another training. This time training, I stayed at the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel located at the Marina Parade. Actually just beside the Paramount Hotel I used to stay at for my training. For this hotel, I think most of the facilities is better than Paramount Hotel especially their dinner buffet. Compare with the dinner buffet with their breakfast, their breakfast really lack of option and really not good at all. I think this is the only drawback for this hotel. Haha~ Nice...

3576266282_358cefb20e copy


I'm disappointed with the LCCT Taxi, even more disappointed with the taxi driver fetched me back yesterday night. From what I remember for my last time using the LCCT Official Taxi services, it is not so bad like yesterday. Not organize at all and really can't compare with the KLIA taxi services. Even worst is the Taxi driver picking up me. When I tell him the destination I wish to go, he didn't say anything but after he start the journey then he said he can't remember how to go then he ask me to guide him to my house. You know what? That is from LCCT to my house. Sigh~ No choice since I already on the cab... Only one word I can say, disappointed.

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