Friday, July 31, 2009

Port Dickson - Part 3

In this trip to Port Dickson, my friends and I stayed at the hotel called Le Paris Hotel. It is quite near to the PD town actually. And here are some of the photos taken around the hotel.
This is the hotel room looks like from outside. One queen size bed and one single bed in the room. The room is fully equip with TV, mini bar and a balcony for the room.

There is a swimming pool at the ground floor of the hotel. I took the swimming pool photo from our room's balcony. I like the design of its swimming pool.

But the beach of the hotel not good enough since the sand is more like small rocks instead of fine sand. Another issue is there were a lot of hermit crabs all around the beach. So we can't really get swimming at the beach though.

Let you all try to guess what is that in the photo shown as below. Can you guess it out? Haha... Actually it is a wood eroded by the sea water. And it is lying on the shore line and I shot it.

Not sure what is this plant call of but I found it in the pond near the beach we heading to on that day. Is it lotus leaf?

I love this photo at below so much. These are the sand balls created by the crabs. Hehe~


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