Monday, July 27, 2009

Old Town - Part 2


Continue with the post about the Old Town outlet at Bangsar South. This outlet quite different with the other outlets in terms of facilities and design. In the photo above, this outlet using a lot of paper umbrella to decorate their ceiling which is I never see any outlets will put so many money in designing the shop.


The decoration in the main room on the second floor is using one huge "Tanglung" shape lamp at the middle of the room. The environment is nice and warm. I like the design. Haha~ For this outlet, they also offer to their customers with 2Mbps Wifi speed to surfing the internet. Isn't it very great? Haha~


I took this photo after the rain. There were plenty of water drops on the hand rail at the smoking area. Besides, I took a photo of the light trail of the car at the junction in front of the Old Town. I think that is the post. See you again~


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