Friday, March 26, 2010

Restaurant Kong Sai, Petaling Jaya

Before I leave for job, Angeline bring me to one of the restaurant called restaurant Kong Sai at Petaling Jaya. The restaurant famous with home made style soup and steamed chicken. Actually there are plenty of food stall selling home made style soup around that place but this restaurant always packed with customers. So I think the restaurant won't be too bad. We reached there around 6pm but just after awhile, more customers came into the restaurant. We ordered the steamed chicken, vege + chicken soup(西洋菜汤)and another vegetable too.
Restaurant Kong Sai
Restaurant Kong Sai
Restaurant Kong Sai
Overall, the dishes over there is quite good especially the soup. The steamed chicken is ok, I think Malacca's steamed chicken is much better than this one. Maybe just my taste only. Hmm... If you like to eat home made style dishes around Petaling Jaya, sure can try this restaurant. =) Before ending this post, thanks again to lovely Angeline to bring me there... Hehe~
Restaurant Kong Sai


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