Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Maybank Phishing Email! WTF!

I received plenty of dammit phishing emails recently. All of it from Maybank. Example is like below:

Dear Valued Customer,

Maybank security systems detected a serious (PR2) security problem in your account. Your account has been restricted due to several invalid login attempts from an unauthorized third-party. Your immediate attention is required to reactivate your account. Please be informed that your account will be temporarily closed if not activated now.

Activate Below


Thank you for your understanding and support.

Maybank Berhad 

All of the emails are having the same contents, only the back link are different. These are the example of the links:

Phishing Emails

Damn annoying I kept receiving emails from same email address although I already reported to Maybank for this issue. Hope their counter phishing measure can be improve for prevent other person get into this trouble especially those not familiar with the internet or lack of knowledge about this matter. Damn cyber phishing.

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