Monday, June 1, 2009

Broga Hill - Part 2


Good morning everyone, I give you the couch grass at Broga hill. Hope we can learn from the couch grass too. Be strong among others, don't give up since the hope always be there. I found that there are a lot of bad news surrounded me recently, is it mean anything to me? When bad news came to you one by one, what can you really do for it? Just listening or giving advices to them? I'm doubt of those two options.


Maybe we can be like the rock, it still stood there no matter how is the surrounding condition changed. Be tough like the rock? Sigh.... But the environment is corrosive, I changed due to that circumstance. No matter how strong I am, I will fall someday, somehow.


Stop mumbling and back to the Broga hill. I like standing at the top. I like the feeling. The world is big, bigger than you thought so why we need to holding such so called principle while you hurting those people around you. It is not fair for you doing so and you should know that. I found that I'm not stopping mumbling at all. Sigh~ Can't control myself anymore.


Seen like I already out of the course for the purpose writing this post but I don't mind since this is me? haha~ This is Kenneth, he is a cute, gentlemen, knowledgeable and most important thing is.... he is single? wahahaha.... I think he will kill me because of I writing so. hehe~


There are plenty of people at Broga hill. Broga hill suddenly became most popular place to go in Malaysia, at least within Selangor. You can found that numerous people uploading Broga hill's photos at facebook and blog. There are too much people already isn't it? Another thing is many photographer like to go there to take photos too. Nevertheless, I'm one of the them. No doubt on that.


I'm wondering is it another way to go up there to the top? Anyone is using the same path like I am using?


I'm grateful for the weather on the day I went to Broga hill. Nice sunny day with some clouds. No haze, no cloudy morning. All is perfect for me. The morning sunlight turns the couch grass into golden yellowish colour. I love the colour!


Golden yellowish couch grass, isn't it very nice? There was no much couch grass left when I went there, I think the couch grass also have its season although I not so confirm. Looking forward when the whole Broga hill is cover by the couch grass. Haha... The photo below is taken from second hill top and zoom in to the first hill top. As you can see, there were plenty of people over there. I think there was little bit crowded, do you think so? To be continue....


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