Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Broga Hill - Part 3


Good afternoon everyone, already having your lunch? How is your day? Mine is quite bad... Sigh~ Back to the post, this will be last part of the Broga hill posts. All these photos were taken when the sun completely emerged from back of the mountain. So the colour is more intense and contrast with the blue sky. The photo above is showing the couch grass again. When I went to Broga hill, there is not much couch grass over there. So I am thinking is it couch grass also has season? This one I can't confirm it.


I not sure what type of this grass call since it is quite different with couch grass in terms of shape height and colour too.


When the sun already emerged, the scene became more colourful. The golden yellowish couch grass with blue sky and some green grass on the ground, it is amazing and I love it very much.


Same like the photo on above. But if there is more couch grass at there then it will be perfect... Unfortunately, my time is not correct on that time. Should be plan for second time for that Broga hill but need to wait for perfect moment first..


Couch grass again. I really fall in love with all the couch grass. I found that after I discovered the beauty of couch grass, I almost forgot I should take some photos of my friends or the people around me. Haha~


I took some photos of other people when they climbing up to the hill while I already on my way down...


I love this photo very much. I like the feeling in this photo. The only remaining couch grass among the others.


Really wish that Broga hill is all cover by couch grass... The photo above will become perfect in that condition. Sigh~ And the photo below is my last photo for Broga hill's album. I think that's it for my Broga hill posts. The End. Hope you all enjoy my photos too.


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