Sunday, April 4, 2010

Achievement in my life

Before 2010 is here, I made a wishlist for 2010. I hope that I can accomplish those 7 things before 2010 end. Now quarter of 2010 already passed, I'm damn happy I already achieved 2 out of 7 things of my wishlist this year.

After wait for so many years, finally I having my own car. Although not Honda or Toyota but I still love my little myvi. After I got it for 3 days, I have to go for work in Bintulu. Quite sad I don't have much time spend on him. Wuwuwu... Hopefully when I get back I can spend more time with him since I still not familiar with him yet.

Another achievement is I bought a new lens for my 450D. Although the lens is quite costly but after I check it its performances, I've nothing to complaint anymore. The lens is sharp, fast and damn good in low light condition. Really one of the kind, no wonder others called it hidden L lens.

But before I come to work, I already sold my 450D to my dearest girl friend, since she also love take photo so I just sell it to her. So now I only have my lens with no body with me. Looking forward to my 3rd achievement from the list. I think I will get it soon since no camera body with me now, isn't it? Hahaha....

Just to list these down in my blog. Just in case.... Haha~

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